Structural characteristics and maintenance methods of dark box ultraviolet analyzer

Ultraviolet analyzers are divided into many series, including three-purpose ultraviolet analyzers, dark-box ultraviolet analyzers, and photographic ultraviolet analyzers. Different ultraviolet analyzers have different uses.

The dark box type UV analyzer has a dark box, no dark room is required, and can be used in the bright room around the clock. The lower part of the instrument is a white light transmission light box, and the white light intensity is large. The upper part of the cabinet is equipped with two wavelengths of ultraviolet light source, the wavelengths are 254nm and 365nm respectively. You can use one of these wavelengths individually or according to your needs. This product uses electronic ballast to make the instrument light weight, the lamp starts quickly, and there is no strobe. Drawer type visible light box.

The specific maintenance methods of the dark box ultraviolet analyzer are as follows:

1. The instrument should be placed in a cool, dry, dust-free place without acid, alkali and steam, and the environment in which the instrument is used should be clean. Unplug the power plug for a long time and cover with a protective cover;

2. Do not splash water and liquid on the instrument

3. If the glass where the observed object is placed on the light box is dirty, it can be cleaned with an alcohol cotton ball.

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