Study the significance and function of salt spray test chamber (2)

Study the significance and function of salt spray test chamber (2)

The previous section is a general introduction; the development and application areas and advantages of the salt spray test chamber, this section introduces its role.

The salt spray corrosion test equipment utilizes a salty solution or an acidic salty solution to accelerate the corrosion of a material or product under a certain temperature and relative humidity environment, and reproduce the degree of damage suffered by the material or product within a certain time frame. The equipment can be used to evaluate the ability of materials and their protective layers to resist salt spray corrosion, and to compare the process quality of similar protective layers. It can also be used to evaluate the ability of some products to resist salt spray corrosion.

It has a wide range of application fields, and has made certain contributions to the material evaluation research in the aerospace and automotive fields.

In summary, only by correctly grasping the function of the salt spray test chamber can it exert its maximum function in actual production.

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