The bedroom closet is correctly placed in the feng shui to give a good mood.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] always thought that buying a house has feng shui academic attention, never wanted to have a feng shui in the setting of the wardrobe , but also a lot of learning. Clothing is an indispensable item in people's life, and the wardrobe is the main furniture used to store clothing accessories. It is naturally one of the important links in the bedroom layout. Then the wardrobe is placed in the bedroom, how is Feng Shui?

Wardrobe feng shui

In the layout of the bedroom, the closet is a relatively large piece of furniture, so it should be well arranged.

1. The bedroom with bathroom, if the bathroom is facing the bed, it can be separated by a wardrobe.

2. There should be a certain distance between the wardrobe and the window.

3, the wardrobe is relatively large, suitable for placing on the left side of the bed.

4, the wardrobe should be placed in the dark corner of the corner, placed in the window to block the light.

5, a separate cloakroom, equivalent to a large wardrobe, taboo in the display of old things.

6, if the wardrobe with a mirror, avoid bedside, bedroom windows, bedroom doors, otherwise it will affect people's sleep quality.

7, the wardrobe can be selected according to the orientation of the bedroom door, if the bedroom door is facing north, should choose a light-colored wardrobe, can be placed in the corner, avoid the wardrobe with too much reflective decoration.

8, the wardrobe should be placed at a distance from the bed, one can benefit the living of the living, avoid bumps when going to bed; secondly, there should be no pressure on the bed, so that people who rest in bed can Happy and happy.

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