The future development of automatic folder gluer will tend to three major trends

With the rapid development of the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care industries, packaging The printing industry is also developing continuously, so the future development prospects of the automatic folder-gluer are also very optimistic. At the same time, with the changes in the market environment and the increasing demand for carton packaging companies, the automatic folder-gluing machine will also show some new developments.

High adaptability

The high adaptability of the automatic folder gluer is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the diversity of the paste materials, and the other is the diversity of the paste box type.

At present, in addition to cardboard, corrugated paper and other materials, plastic folding boxes made of PP, PET and other materials are also becoming more and more popular, which requires that the folder gluer should have strong adaptability to various types of paste materials. In addition, with the development of the economy, end users and consumers are increasingly demanding packaging boxes, and many powerful carton printing companies are increasingly diversified in order to increase the added value of their products. In order to attract the attention of consumers, a variety of more creative shaped boxes continue to emerge. At present, most of the automatic folder-gluers in the domestic market are not strong enough for the special-shaped box. Many special-shaped boxes still need to adopt the manual paste-box method, which requires a lot of manpower and is inefficient, with the domestic labor cost. Increasingly high, those automatic folder-gluers that can adapt to a variety of shaped box pastes can help customers stand out in the increasingly fierce market competition, which is bound to be favored. Therefore, the development of automatic folder-gluer must keep pace with the development of the packaging industry, and can adapt to the new box type introduced in the market, so as to better meet customer needs.

2. Efficient

The current short-running jobs on the market are increasing, and the delivery cycle is getting shorter and shorter, which puts higher requirements on the production efficiency of the automatic folder-gluer. In order to cope with this challenge, in addition to higher production speeds, higher levels of automation are particularly important, as this will directly determine the length of time for the automatic folder-gluer adjustment and affect the productivity of the paste-box. On the other hand, “labor shortage” is a major problem facing printing companies at present, and it will be normalized in the future for a long time. The labor costs faced by printing companies are very high. In this case, the use of automation technology and reduced dependence on labor has become an inevitable choice for many carton packaging companies.

There is no doubt that the automation of automatic folder-gluers will be further enhanced in the future. Online quality inspection devices, online glue detection devices, online reject rejection devices, online barcode (or QR code) identification devices will become more and more popular. Some may even become standard equipment for automatic folder gluers.

3. Integration

In the past, the automatic folder-gluers introduced by carton packaging companies operated independently in a single machine, and the connection with the front and rear processes was not very close. For example, for the finished carton after the paste-on-box paste, the domestic carton packaging enterprises still generally adopt manual collection and packaging, which is inefficient, and when the production volume is large, the workload of the package workers is naturally large. As a result, the packaging process may become a bottleneck for delivery.

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