The Future of Fitness Industry in the 6th Internet Age

The Future of the Fitness Industry in the 6th Internet Age: 2015-08-07 15:09

In recent years, the development of our country's economy, the improvement of people's material level, the change of consumer attitudes, and the increase of leisure time have prompted China's fitness industry to flourish. As of 2014, there were a total of 5,915 health clubs in the country and 15.07 million fitness members. With the gradual growth of the sports consumer market, the fitness market may become the largest market for the sports industry.

Local governments urge the construction of fitness facilities

The fitness industry is the most developed sunrise industry in the health industry. With the upgrading of the national fitness strategy, policies have been introduced throughout the country to encourage mass fitness, increase investment in fitness facilities, and effectively promote the development of the fitness industry.

Kunming will increase funding to build a national fitness path

Nankang District Intensifies Sports Facilities and Develops National Fitness Program

Maoming City Increases Public Sports Facilities to Develop National Fitness Development

Nanjing opened medical insurance card fitness function

Heihe Sports Park will be built to meet the needs of mass fitness

The Internet Revolution has spawned new products

With the popularization of the mobile Internet and the development of the industry, in a highly competitive health and fitness environment, health clubs use mobile marketing to build awareness, improve satisfaction through fitness APP, foster awareness, and optimize services to enhance the retention rate of members. Companies engaged in the manufacture of fitness equipment, through technology research and development, have launched smart products to seize opportunities.

Fitness APP

The city's sculpting fitness app provides fitness choices for bodybuilders

Hot fitness to seize the opportunity to combine sports and the Internet

High growth of sports APP market attracts capital market attention

Fitness Equipment

American scientists create a fitness equipment for astronauts to use in space

Omar elliptical machine: Open fitness equipment cloud system era

Sound Technology: Global Launch of Gene Exercise Bike CES Asia 2015

Fitness industry trends

Under the support of the national policy, China's fitness equipment industry has ushered in a good momentum of development, and fitness consumption is increasing. As a result, people's demand for fitness has become more and more specialized, and this has also triggered the fitness market to gradually move toward service and brand segmentation. During the prevalence of fitness apps, the recent online circulation of fitness apps will upset the arguments of the gym. I wonder if you think about this.

China's fitness equipment industry sales market is showing a good trend

The fitness market is gradually moving towards the era of service and brand segmentation

Big Bear: The traditional gym will walk away from the pattern of the year card

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