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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe design of the new house, except for the bedroom of about 10 square meters, is because of the headache of the space. The 25m2 medium-sized bedroom has a full size, but it will inevitably encounter space that is too empty. Monotonous, there will be irregular apartment types, these must work hard on the wardrobe design. Through three common problems, China Wardrobe has found some solutions for your reference.

Bedroom in the middle of the apartment 25-45m2 : a resort-style transparent bedroom surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows

Built-in wardrobe

Product recommendation : custom top-floor double-sided open door wardrobe to make partition

Some of the more pleasing bedrooms like to be designed with floor-to-ceiling windows to view the landscape. These rooms can be partitioned on the side of the bed using a roof-top wardrobe. It is best to have a double-sided door for easy access. Because there is no wall standing when placed, you should pay attention to the stability of the frame when purchasing the wardrobe.

The room is large and simple to decorate : the cabinet with the decorative display

Irregular apartment wardrobe design

(Appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Product recommendation : storage rack with large horizontal and in-line display space for makeup

Sometimes the bedroom is not a good thing. Choose a wardrobe that is very wide and occupy a wall. It is relatively monotonous in the corner of the big space. In the case of a large room and simple decoration, you can choose the door. A mosaic veneer or a wardrobe with an inset display space adds a unique visual effect to the bedroom.

Irregular room, corner : use corners and cabinets


Product recommendation : save space by cornering the wall with a wardrobe

The space of the small and medium-sized apartments has become more and more irregular. In particular, some of the irregular structures in the middle-sized houses have pillars and beams. There is no space for use. At this time, it is obviously better to use the corner wardrobe than to open the door and move the door. The wardrobe is more suitable. The corner wardrobe is generally a door design. The column and the cabinet will be attached together at the corner. The space is harmonious and the space is maximized. If the column is not against the wall, the whole wardrobe can be used to abut the column instead of a wall. Separating the two rooms virtually increases the area of ​​the house.

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