The potential of future flexible packaging materials

The development trend of flexible packaging materials is determined by the development trend of polymer lithium-ion batteries and the expansion of their application fields.
There are two trends in the development of polymer lithium ions: one trend is the development of batteries in the direction of miniaturization and thinning; the other is the development of large-capacity and high-power charge and discharge. The former requires that the required flexible packaging material develop in a thinner and more flexible direction under the premise of barrier property; the latter requires that the barrier property of the flexible packaging material develops to a higher direction and the degree of interaction with the electrolyte is smaller. The direction of development.
These two trends show that the selection of packaging materials, the requirements for packaging composite technology, and especially the structural design of packaging materials are more demanding. As soft packaging materials are the last quality assurance gate for battery molding, the impact on battery performance is also Great, therefore, in addition to the progress of the active materials and manufacturing processes required for batteries, the development and application of polymer lithium-ion batteries will largely depend on the development of flexible packaging technology and its materials.
China's mobile phone users have exceeded 50 million; in 1999 the country's laptop batteries have all been switched to lithium-ion batteries; the number of batteries used in camcorders, DVD players, etc. is very large.
If a polymer lithium-ion battery is used, the annual value of the flexible packaging material required is 2.3 billion yuan; the battery for electric vehicles (electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, and electric bicycles) is a huge market for batteries, and the polymer lithium-ion battery is The most popular battery in development, if successfully developed, will use 500,000 yuan in flexible packaging materials consumed in the domestic battery industry each year.
Although only the polymer lithium-ion battery of Xiamen Baolong Industrial Co., Ltd. has achieved industrial-scale production, nearly ten companies have already invested in projects or are in the pilot production stage. Flexible packaging technology is an important technical issue that restricts the development of these companies. . Whether it is to promote the research process of lithium polymer batteries or as a flexible packaging material market, the research of flexible packaging technology in this field is very necessary.
In foreign countries, there are specialized research institutes for flexible packaging technology for lithium polymer batteries, and only a handful of people in the country are engaged in this research. The research and application of flexible packaging materials should become an important part of the research and production of polymer lithium-ion batteries.

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