There is a wind channel in the chamber of the oscillating illumination incubator

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The insulation material of the incubator structure 1 box is made of polyurethane foam foam in the field, which has strong anti-interference ability to the external heat (cold) source.
2 There is a duct in the working chamber, and the temperature is evenly distributed.
3 The inner wall is made of stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance.
4 The heating system can raise the temperature to 50 °C when the ambient temperature is -5 °C.
5 The refrigeration system can cool down to 5 °C when the ambient temperature is 32 °C.
The 6-inch spring bottle holder is especially suitable for the cultivation of biological samples for a variety of comparative tests.
7 stepless speed regulation, safe operation.
8 temperature control is accurate, digital display.

Precautions a) After the equipment is grounded, if the ground is not flat, it should be leveled.
b) The movement of the equipment shall be moved in parallel, and the inclination angle in any direction shall be less than 45 degrees.
c) When the equipment is in normal operation, the load placed in the box should not affect the air circulation to ensure uniform temperature inside the box.
d) Always clean the tank wall and equipment surface to keep it clean.
e) If the equipment is not used for a long time, the power cord should be disconnected to prevent the equipment from being charged and injuring people. It should be operated regularly (usually in the first quarter) for 2-3 days according to the conditions of use to remove moisture from electrical components and to avoid damage to the device.

Incubator technology advantage

●Microcomputer fully automatic control, touch switch, easy to operate.
● Programmable control mode, temperature and illuminance can be set separately in day and night (five-level adjustable).
● With power-down memory, power-down time automatic compensation function.
● Constant temperature control system, fast response and high temperature control accuracy.

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