Universal Multimedia Education Solutions

Honghe Interactive Multimedia Classroom Solution combines Honghe interactive whiteboard and Hitachi short-focus projector perfectly for Chinese teaching characteristics and teaching needs, bringing clear and shadowless perfect teaching effects and providing students with security Environmentally-friendly teaching environment.

Honghe multidisciplinary software helps teachers of different grades and different disciplines to easily realize interactive multimedia teaching and improve classroom fun to achieve a truly interactive teaching model. Honghe's powerful local resource library and network resource library provide a powerful resource platform for teachers to teach, and teachers can transfer relevant resources to teach at any time and place.

With the Honghe video display stand, teachers can transfer the physical content information such as student homework, test papers and experimental articles to the whiteboard for explanation and annotation at any time. The interactive teaching feedback system helps teachers to conduct inquiry-based teaching and evaluate classroom teaching in a timely manner. Improve student learning efficiency and performance.

1, Hitachi short throw projector

The perfect combination of Hitachi short-throw projector and whiteboard brings a high-quality teaching experience. There is no light and shadow blocking during the teaching, no glare to stimulate the human eye, and the teaching is smooth and natural.

2, HiteVision interactive whiteboard

Entering the era of interactive multimedia teaching to achieve true dust-free teaching; teachers completely get rid of the constraints of the mouse and keyboard, achieve a smooth and free teaching process, the annotation and writing of teaching courseware, the auxiliary teaching of various discipline tools and the application of simulation teaching aids bring vivid Interactive teaching experience.

3, HiteVision multidisciplinary software features

Honghe multidisciplinary software is designed and developed for Honghe interactive whiteboard. The four software application modes meet the different needs of teachers in preparation and teaching. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, language and English, five majors The Disciplinary Toolbar provides a large number of specialized interactive teaching tools to bring the perfect interactive classroom teaching.

4, HiteVision physical display stand

Honghe physical display platform can collect student information, test papers, reference books, slides and other physical information into the whiteboard software for timely writing and annotation, to achieve smooth and natural classroom teaching.

5, HiteVision LCD writing screen special writing pen easily realizes writing, annotation and other actions, combined with the projector, all the operations are clearly and vividly displayed in front of the students to achieve barrier-free communication.

6, HiteVision wireless digital sound amplification system

Adopt 2.4G wireless RF technology, unique anti-interference design, no interference when using multiple microphones at the same time; automatic code matching, connection and locking design, easy to operate and use; ultra-low wireless transmission power, green and environmental protection; And the headset type of wearing for users to choose;

7, HiteVision interactive feedback teaching system

The interactive teaching feedback system helps teachers to conduct inquiry-based teaching, collect student scores, conduct statistics and analysis, and provide teachers with information data for each teaching session efficiently and correctly. Seamless integration with interactive whiteboards combines inquiry-based teaching with interactive teaching.

8, powerful resource library access function

The unique resource interoperability function of Honghe multidisciplinary software helps teachers to conduct resource search, resource selection and resource application in the multi-disciplinary software in the network environment, such as version, age, subject and course. After preparing the lesson, the teacher can upload the courseware to the resource website to realize the sharing of course resources.

9, rich resource library

Provide rich local resources and network resources for supplementary teaching, local resources provide 14 large categories, 105 sub-categories of high-quality resources; Honghe Banbantong teaching resources website system completely covers kindergartens and from first grade to high school The third-grade full-disciplinary synchronized courseware resources and rich resources provide powerful teaching support for Honghe users.

10, HiteVision wireless tablet

Using 2.4G wireless RF technology, teachers can operate the computer while walking, making presentations more convenient and enhance classroom interaction.

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