Urban implementation of "urban furniture project"

In order to improve the service function of the green space and facilitate the rest of the public, the city garden department plans to implement the “urban furniture project” in the urban area this autumn and next spring, and install services such as seating, city guide signs and windfall pavilions in parks, small amusement parks and public green spaces. Facilities, including 528 sets of benches.
It is understood that the "urban furniture project" is an important measure for the garden department to create a livelihood garden. According to the plan, the city garden department will be in the urban area of ​​Huanghe II, Huanghe 5, Huangliu, Huangqi, Huangba, Qiliu and Qiqi. , 渤17, 渤16, 渤18 and other sections of the road set up benches, city guide signs and wind and rain pavilions. After the actual site survey in the early stage of the garden department, a total of 528 sets of benches (2 to 3 seats for sitting and other styles), 16 sets of city guide signs and 7 sets of wind and rain pavilions are required. It is planned to be piloted on both sides of the 5th to the 18th section of the Huanghe 5th Road on the important road section, with 60 sets of benches, 2 sets of city guide signs and 2 sets of wind and rain pavilions. At present, three sets of fashionable and chic leisure chairs have been installed in the pedestrian road on the south side of the intersection of the 16th and 16th roads of the Huanghe 5th Road in the urban area for the purpose of collecting opinions. The public can present their own positions and styles of these chairs. idea. If the expected results can be achieved, next year, urban furniture will be arranged on other planned sections to increase service functions, enhance the sense of identity and satisfaction of the city, and make the urban public green space a small park where citizens can walk in and stay.

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