Water-soluble UV Varnish

Printing glazing is one of the finishing techniques of printed materials and is a development trend of the printing industry. Coating can not only increase the surface smoothness of printed products, giving them a stronger gloss, but also can protect the printed images and graphics. . At present, as an extension of printing technology and finishing of printed matter, glazing technology has been widely adopted as an important means to achieve and improve the quality of printed materials. With the rising popularity of green environmental protection, UV glazing has begun to use its excellent quality. The glazing effect and the characteristics of non-toxic and non-polluting have been valued by people.

Water-soluble UV varnish is improved based on UV varnish. It overcomes the irritating defects of conventional UV varnish and develops low-stimulatory reactive monomers that are non-polluting and safer for ink producers and users. And the product has strong gloss, does not fade, does not change color, fast drying, paper product size is stable, non-toxic after drying, is conducive to environmental protection and other advantages, widely used in books, magazines, covers, calendars, pictures, kits, cigarette packets , wine boxes, food packaging and other packaging and printing, after the water-based UV glazing prints not only to exquisite color picture with a magnificent surface gloss, but also can enhance the light resistance of ink, increase the ink's heat, moisture capacity, To protect the imprint to improve the quality of printed products.

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