What are the forms of household invisible doors

Invisible doors have many advantages. It can not only hide the internal space, but also combine with the external walls to design a wonderful picture. Most people choose to make invisible doors because of their decorative functions. If you want to make an invisible door for a door in your home, what are the options? How to design the invisible door to best integrate with the surrounding environment? Let's take a look at the invisible door recommended by the editor. Does any of the 7 invisible door designs appeal to you?

The color of the wooden sliding door is consistent with the interior, refreshing and natural. It is set by the edge of the basin, and it does not occupy space when it is stored. Use such a wooden sliding door to separate the bathing space from the storage space and divide different functions. The area is very nice.

The solid wooden door has a clear texture and a strong original taste. The wild and unrestrained appearance is also very suitable for the basic style of the room. It is very practical to add a shelf behind the thick door panel, which can also help the left and right movement of the door panel.

Open the glass door when you need it, immediately give you a greater sense of space. There is no obstruction between the bathroom and the dining area, which shows the free personality of the space! The sliding door treatment with slightly invisible door design gives the space more possibilities and brings a wonderful home experience.

If the invisible door wants to integrate into a large-scale background wall, it is better to choose the decoration with vertical patterns. Even if there is a three-dimensional decoration with unevenness, it is not suitable to choose a single light color, which will make the door gap more prominent and make the decoration of the invisible door The effect is discounted. In the above case, you can use wall stickers or hand-painted simple and rough patterns to decorate it. I believe there will be better results.

Japanese-style homes are more common with sliding doors, and the wooden texture is most in line with the natural and elegant charm of Japanese style. The design of the sliding door does not take up space, but also can play a good partition role, allowing the space to change more and enrich the level of the home.

The push-pull design aims to make the most of the space. The beige sliding door has a simple and clear appearance, matching the interior color and style.

The entire invisible door and the background wall are all matched with black stripes and white stripes. The material of the mirror paint is fashionable and cold. Is it difficult to find the door there at first sight? If you look closely, you will find The door handle appears on the left wall, this invisible door background wall can avoid the overall effect due to the abrupt feeling.

Warm reminder: follow the information on this website and there are more invisible door decoration renderings.

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