Will green building materials be healthy and environmentally friendly?

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, in the home decoration, "environmental protection" has become a key awareness, consumers like to buy products that meet the "green" when purchasing home improvement building materials and household goods, they think that buying "green" Products can prevent indoor decoration pollution; with the change of this consumer concept, a variety of "green" building materials and household products have appeared on the market. But will green building materials be healthy and environmentally friendly?

How much do consumers know about “green certification”?

According to a joint survey conducted by the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Health, nearly 60% of all building materials under the banner of “environmental protection” on the market currently contain pollutants. The country currently has no mandatory standards for “green building materials”. It does not have relevant standards for antibacterial ceramic products, nor does it have national standards for formaldehyde release in the cabinet industry EO grade sheet; most manufacturers produce quality certification certificates, which cannot Mixed with environmental testing reports. Consumers should jump out of the “environmental misunderstanding”. When purchasing home improvement building materials, manufacturers need to present the environmental testing report of the product, and judge the standard of the product according to the data on the report. Moreover, the use of these green commodities alone can not eliminate the indoor air pollution caused by the decoration; according to Wang Fang, Secretary General of the Indoor Purification Association, the pollutants in the decoration process will have a superimposed effect, such as a piece of plate of one square meter originally not Excessive pollutant gas will be released, but furniture made of tens of square meters of the plate may release excessive pollutant gas.

The China Wardrobe Network reminds consumers that care must be taken against indoor air pollution. In particular, the newly renovated room should be placed for a period of time, so that the toxic gas generated by the decoration will be volatilized; after the check-in, it is necessary to open the window frequently to ensure the air circulation of the room and prevent harmful gases from staying indoors for a long time. Harm to the human body.

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