Wrigley wardrobe to create a "showy color meal" home flavor

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] Recently, the "Twelve Ways" that countless fans are looking forward to has become a dark horse in the art world. Once it was broadcast, it became the focus of media attention and public opinion. As a food-oriented outdoor reality show, "Twelve Roads" is the first perspective of Nicholas Tse and his friends and relatives to explore the world of food. For example, go to the southern part of France to find the top pine nut, or go to Australia to catch the king crab, go to Indonesia to visit the real top civet coffee. This kind of big production has made many audiences lament: Going around the world to find delicious food, it is the highest ideal in life. Let's let the Wrigley Wardrobe Xiaobian follow you with Nicholas Tse to trace the food and experience the good taste of life!

Wrigley Wardrobe

Wrigley wardrobe "California Sunshine" series renderings

Create a "showy color meal" home style

In "Twelve Ways", the audience can enjoy the delicious secrets of food and men, Nicholas Tse, without leaving the house. This is not only the delicious taste on the tip of the tongue, but also the "chicken soup" that is refreshing and pleasant. Wrigley wardrobe "California Sunshine" series, using Milan white oak as the main material design, while creating a simple and comfortable decorative style for the home space; interpreting extraordinary taste between the details, interpretation of the home's sunshine, artistic beauty, creating a warm and loving The mood of life. The exquisite cuisine is paired with a warm and comfortable home environment to make the food more delicious and to make your home life even more interesting.

Wrigley Home

Wrigley Wardrobe "British Man Dance" tatami series renderings

Create a warm and romantic home

A real food show is not just “eating”. Behind every dish, there is a deeper and more touching story. The guests who joined the "Twelve Ways" are not only heavyweight stars, but also very meaningful people for Nicholas Tse, or close relatives, or friends for many years. The deep love is more attractive than food. The same is true of home. The Wrigley Wardrobe "British Mann Dance" tatami series is based on deep olive wood board. The clear wood grain highlights the natural and harmonious pastoral life, giving a comfortable and warm feeling. The European style design uses arc plus The door panels of the squall line are rich in lines and strong in three-dimensional sense; the application of the top line and the Roman column enhances the creation of a European pastoral atmosphere and creates a tasteful home space.

In "Twelve Ways", the temptation of food makes the travel fun upgrade, and the companionship of friends makes the food more delicious, the food is intoxicating, and the love is more attractive. At home, the Wrigley Wardrobe collects the good times you and your friends and family, and is the ultimate in cooking for you.

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